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LONGRIDGE Magnetic Tees

Brand: Longridge
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No more lost tees and breakages with the new Magnetic Golf Tees from Longridge

Blooming Golf Review:

The latest solution to lost tees and breakages, the head and shaft of Magnetic Tees are connected by magnetic force and upon impact it is this magnetic bond that temporarily breaks rather than the tee itself. The components are attached by an elasticated spring that stops the head flying off completely and springs the components back together for use again and again. The magnetic mechanism also serves to increase distance by reducing impact resistance between the club and the tee, giving you a tee that offers both high performance as well as excellent durability. The pack contains a 70mm and an 80mm tee, each of which is attached by a string to an anchor tee that prevents it flying away on impact. The anchor tee also doubles as a 40mm tee suitable for smaller courses and par-3 holes. The tees feature a castle crown head that raises the ball on prongs and reduces friction even further.


Head and body are held by magnets
Tough and durable
Improve distance
70mm blue tee
80mm yellow tee

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